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"With the first song's catchy two-chord riff, cool wandering bass line, and slightly slower than mid-pace, I thought I was in for a demo of decent garage stuff. Then things soon turned to equally catchy, lo-fi dorky pop punk with sky-high fun factor and fewer predictable riffs than the average band of the sort. I want more. This is Lucky Charms! Whoops, wrong zine."- Dan @ Maximum RocknRoll.

"It’s probably not by accident but these guys completely live up to their name. Just when I thought three-chord pop couldn’t be feasibly reduced anymore and still be fun a band has to come out of nowhere and include four songs on a ninety-minute Maxwell tape prove me wrong. This sounds like some homemade recording experiment gone right with an ear-pleasing blend of garage rock and pop punk. Their last tune, “A Dirty Word,” is approximately twenty-nine words long and The Trites still manage to milk it for every worthwhile moment. This tape just schooled me in the less is more aesthetic." –N.L. Dewart @ Razorcake

If you want an actual tape copy of this, I have 3 left. I also have 4 of the Killed By Modern Problems comp with "Dirty Word" on it.


released February 11, 2009



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The Trites! Westminster, Maryland

Photo Above: Brad D'Amico Photography
Brandon Falk- Drums
Evan Wade Falk- Strums and hums
Bob Shaw- Bass and face

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Track Name: The Hydra!
Every thought I have belongs to a different part of my body. There’s a war over which organ is the owner of all the fuck ups I’ve recently had.
Track Name: Sketch Pad!
Sketch Pad
I was hoping to get this out in the open, so I guess I just needed the chance to catch you all alone. Reborn anew, each and every tattoo is just another excuse to talk to you. Laid back? I’m dentist chaired, undergoing dermal repair and I can’t get my mind off of you. You were laughing at my lack of tact, waiting to attack my crafted words on the advance, I never stood a chance.
Track Name: Live in the Woods!
Hating all the people, don’t know how to take them. No peaceful solution, getting hard to fake it. I’m gonna live in the woods. Why do you have faith in people? Can’t you see their all fucked up?
Track Name: Dirty Word!
It took me 20 years to realize art was a dirty word. You tried to tell me. I wouldn’t listen. Now I have to learn everything the hard way.