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released August 10, 2013

Recorded June 11th, 2013 at Magpie Cage by J. Robbins
Mastered at Sun Room Audio Dan Coutant



all rights reserved


The Trites! Westminster, Maryland

Photo Above: Brad D'Amico Photography
Brandon Falk- Drums
Evan Wade Falk- Strums and hums
Bob Shaw- Bass and face

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Track Name: Afterthought
I feel so anxious, can’t catch my breath
Gave all I got, got nothing left
I feel so nervous, I can’t sit still
Doubt my existence, don’t think I’m real
I feel so useless, I don’t know why
Not what I’ve done, but what I’ll try
I feel so angry, just can’t relate
So self-abusive, so full of hate
Same songs, new man
Am I the same, or do I just feel different?
Track Name: Punctuated
I'm thinking of myself as a comma, connecting ideas, but none of my own.
I get useless when I'm alone
means nothing, no matter often it's repeating. You all give me meaning.
Track Name: Dirty Word
It took me 20 years to realize art was a dirty word.
You tried to tell me. I wouldn’t listen.
Now I have to learn everything the hard way.
Track Name: Trend Jumper
You should be a shirt, that says "Best Friends Forever!"
We've all worn you once.
Track Name: Cloned
Every seven years, I am a completely new man,
every molecule in me has changed.
This is my third generation, this is my anniversary,
so don't hold me accountable for things that I said while I still was another human.
And I’m not my 14 year old self, I’m glad that phase is behind me.
Track Name: The Hydra
Every thought I have belongs to a different part of my body.
There’s a war over which organ is the owner of all the fuck ups I’ve recently had.
Track Name: Dismal
Dear Cyprus, toss your dirty needles into that black water.
The raven found its voice in your canopy, while choking moonshine beneath your leaves
dead now as you should be.
I want to die in your arms and be forgotten.
Dear Cyprus, what makes you able to stand tall while all the world around you burns?
Is it the thought of drowning unnoticed in the black water that lay before your knees?
Dear Cyprus, what say you? Are you willing to be my living tomb?
Track Name: Night and Day
Its hard to remember there's only one world.
Sometimes the night makes me forget.
Track Name: Detritus
I’m a fallen leaf, upon a stream,
Always flowing where the world takes me.
Always with a sense of disbelief
to what’s occurring all around me.
I’ll keep revolving around this world.
The revolution is coming back around.
I refute my semblance of control.